Case studies

During a training session, the volunteers were invited to reflect as a team on how to prepare a reading session taking into account a particular problem of the child: hyperactivity, very large and very noisy siblings, dyslexia, introverted child or child who does not understand French well. Here are some suggestions shared that evening that may also be useful to you!

Word games

A full-colour document with several ideas for games to do around reading. Whether it is to improve your little reader's concentration, to attract his attention or to add fun to your reading sessions, this tool can be very useful. We also have other materials of this type to provide you with, so don't hesitate to ask your educational coordinator for them at your next book exchange.

Web resources for children

  Here you will find several links to free educational games that are very relevant for learning to read.

Reading Garden

Decoding and vocabulary
Pepit Step by step reading
Fun to read

For the pleasure of reading
To listen to long and beautiful stories
Carmen Campagne

Understanding the story
Leonard the musical duck
The Story of the Little Poupouyaki

Other reference sites
The green apple
Claude and his friends 1
23 boutchou
Magic coloring and school games
Hugo the snail