Parent-child workshops

JAME offers two series of parent-child workshops that have similar structures but very different objectives.

Kindergarten preparation workshops

This series of workshops is aimed at pre-school children and their parents to prepare them for school

  • Taking the stress out of the unknown at the start of the school year
  • Stimulate children's overall development in relation to the skills needed for the start of kindergarten
  • Increase parents' knowledge of the expectations of the kindergarten curriculum
  • Strengthening parenting skills specifically related to reading

Main themes of the workshops :

1. What is kindergarten?
2. Positive reinforcement and emotional management
3. Routines and nutrition
4. The benefits of reading and language development
5. Learning through play, a learning strategy
6. Children's autonomy and motor skills

Together we succeed" workshops


The latest in our series of parent-child workshops, this "Together we succeed" series is aimed at children attending a reception class and their families.

Its objective is to facilitate the linguistic and cultural integration of allophone children and their parents who are new immigrants to Quebec.

On the children's side, these workshops aim to :

  • to ensure continuity in the learning of French during the summer and to prevent the "summer linguistic setback" observed at the beginning of the school year
  • develop their language skills
  • promote integration and living together.

For parents, these workshops aim to equip them to better accompany their children's schooling (e.g., to better understand the Quebec school system, to acquire new vocabulary specific to the school environment, etc.) while fostering a warm climate that allows for networking and intercultural rapprochement.

This series consists of 4 meetings:

1. My child's bilingualism
2. The Benefits of Reading
3. The Quebec School System
4. Resources in my neighbourhood

Typical structure of a workshop - duration 2.5 h

  • Each workshop begins with a joint welcome, after which the children are separated from the parents for about an hour.
  • During this period, the children discover readings, games, gross motor activities (yoga, motor skills course) or fine motor activities (crafts, cutting, drawing), etc. Oral interaction is always a priority for the animators, in order to stimulate comprehension and expression in French, while leaving a place of choice to the child's native language.
  • During this time, the parents attend a presentation by a specialist and then discuss their questions or concerns with her.
  • For the last half hour, parents and children meet to share a snack and attend a reading or activity for all, related to the theme.
  • They also leave with a documentation and a list of complementary and fun readings related to the theme.