Basic training

The basic training covers the following points:

  • the role of reading in an educational success plan and its importance for children's long-term retention;
  • the foundations of the play approach and early literacy (ELL);
  • deepening volunteers' knowledge of children's literature and family literacy. In particular, they learn how to demystify the world of books and how to develop "reading habits" in children with learning difficulties by using various JAME books and teaching tools;
  • the social and cultural context in which many of our families live: some of the children referred to JAME live in material, social or intellectual poverty or are diagnosed with a learning or behavioural disability; some parents have dropped out of high school themselves; some families feel powerless with respect to their child's school and need additional support and resources.
  • problematic situations that can be encountered during a twinning and how to deal with them: chemistry difficult to establish with the child or with the parents, child with severe learning or behavioural problems, reality versus volunteer expectations, etc.
  • At the end of the session, a training booklet is given to each participant, including most of the points discussed orally as well as several "tricks" effectively tested over the years, promoting the emergence of a beautiful and deep relationship of trust and complicity between young and old readers.

During this training, each volunteer signs an agreement with the organisation and undertakes to respect the framework proposed by JAME. For example, he or she agrees to fill out a follow-up report during the twinning. The organisation provides the volunteers with its own library and all the necessary teaching materials prepared for them.

In addition, since accreditation by Centraide in April 2012, we have been required to conduct a criminal background check for all new volunteers, which we have put in place following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the City of Montreal's Police Department.

If you are interested in attending one of our volunteer training courses, please contact us to find out the dates of the next sessions.