Educational tools for participants

Early Literacy Kits (ELK)

(0 - 5 years)

Our ÉLÉ kits are turnkey, designed to be used by early childhood professionals in individual or group settings. Each kit contains five books and a wealth of educational material, including several activities to be carried out with the children.

Since 2013, JAME has developed 23 thematic kits in French and 6 in English, always in response to the needs expressed by its early childhood partners. The complete list is available below. About 30 kits are in circulation each year. We estimate that our kits and story bags reach approximately 500 children per year in the territories where they are deployed: Verdun, Lachine, LaSalle and Laval.

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Thematic bibliographies


At JAME, we love books. And we want to share our finds, to make our partners discover our "favourites". Would you like to expand your collection of books with an intercultural approach? Do you want to work on living together, emotions or healthy lifestyles and are you looking for books to address these themes with children? Or maybe Halloween is coming up and you'd like some book ideas to prepare your reading activity? We can help you!


Educational boxes

(5 years +)