Workshops on reading and ecology

Since 2014, JAME, in collaboration with GRAME, has set up a workshop to meet the needs of pre-school children for stimulation and insatiable curiosity:

The aim of this series of 9 workshops is to awaken young children born in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods to the world of nature, to introduce them to the values of respect for the environment, healthy eating and an alternative model of consumption that is more eco-responsible.

Each workshop focuses on a different theme, which is addressed each month:

  • October: the colours of nature
  • November: rain and the water cycle
  • December: Christmas and sharing
  • January: good deeds for the planet (sorting, recycling and composting)
  • February: Ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Mars: clean energy (wind, water, sun)
  • April: sowing and plants
  • May: the tree
  • June: the role of bees in nature

Each workshop lasts 45 minutes and consists of two reading activities followed by a playful workshop related to the theme. In addition, each group participating in the project receives a bag of stories related to the themes discussed, intended to circulate from family to family and allowing parents to reinforce learning while valuing their role as partners in their child's education.