Workshops for parents

Parents are the first educators of their children. It is with this conviction in mind that JAME offers training workshops for parents of toddlers and schoolchildren.

Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 12 parents in order to encourage the active participation of all.

During these workshops, we discuss the benefits of lifelong reading, as well as the notion of awakening children to reading and writing (0-5 years old), without forgetting to address parents' concerns about their older children's school career.

We always have in mind the awakening to languages and to the linguistic diversity present in Quebec, convinced of the essential contribution of the mother tongue to a successful linguistic integration in French. We end with a presentation of materials and tools for family interaction and fun around books. Practical tools are distributed to families, as well as carefully selected books.

Our ultimate goal is for parents to leave our workshop feeling confident and competent in their interactions with their children around books. What could be better than sharing a relaxing, fun and enjoyable activity with mum or dad while reading?