Family reading

Reading is a simple and accessible activity to do with a young child. In addition to sharing a special moment together, it also brings a great number of invaluable benefits to toddlers:
  • it encourages his curiosity and cultivates his imagination;
  • she considerably enriches her vocabulary and develops her language skills;
  • it allows the acquisition of notions of space and time (formerly, yesterday, tomorrow, here, there...);
  • she enriches her general knowledge and develops her empathy;
  • it exposes him to the structure of a story (beginning-middle-end of a story);
  • It develops the ability to ask and answer questions, thus exercising critical judgement;
  • it increases their ability to make connections, to develop a certain logic;
  • it is a slower activity that helps him to concentrate and pay attention at a time when everything is going so fast around him: television, video games

Better reading for better success


Read with your child at least 15 minutes a day, make it a daily habit!
Examples: a moment of reading before bedtime, on Saturday morning under your duvet...


Take advantage of the library and other cultural resources in your neighbourhood:
they are easily accessible and will help your child's educational success!


Have books at home and provide your child with writing and reading materials!
Example: pencils, paper, glue, etc.


Have fun with books together: this is the best way to pass on the pleasure of reading to your child. He or she will have fond memories of these shared moments and will become a reader in turn!

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