Workshop for parents:

Reading and writing skills


Some children arrive at kindergarten with a thousand hours of reading experience, while others have only received about fifteen hours...

When we know all the cross-cutting skills that reading develops in children at the cognitive level (making connections, developing the imagination, increasing vocabulary, etc.), we realise how important it is to introduce your child to reading as early as possible. You are never too young for books!

  1. Topics covered during the workshop:
  • Welcome, short presentation of JAME and round table of parents;
  • Gathering parents' expectations of the workshop, concerns and worries;
  • The benefits of reading: a storm of ideas.
  • ELE: myths and realities.
  • 4 steps and tips ELE: how to make reading part of your daily life.
  • Diversity of children's books (according to temperament, developmental stages, etc.), how to read a book with your toddler.
  • Educational resources and simple activities to do at home


  1. Format :

The basic workshop lasts 2.5 hours, with a 15-minute break in the middle. It can also be divided into two parts: a first part without the children (less in-depth), then the last hour in their presence. She then puts the parents in the situation of accompanying their children in the discovery of a book. She then acts as a model reader for the parents by telling the children a story. The reading is then followed by a short parent-child activity.

Two parts" option: the workshop can be given in two parts, of 2.5 hours each (ideally one or two weeks apart). Some notions are then more in-depth, and a place is always given to children in the second part.

  1. Facilitator A JAME educational coordinator
  1. Number of participants : 8 (minimum) to 12 parents (maximum).
  1. Logistics Logistics: it is the responsibility of the host community to recruit participants, provide the premises and supply the following equipment: tables, chairs, projection screen, projector, flip-chart.
  1. Cost of the training 500 per workshop (fees + travel expenses).