Workshop for parents:


Numerous studies show that a child will enjoy reading more if his or her family environment not only values this activity, but also practices it regularly. Parents who are readers themselves or who read with their children stimulate their children's interest in the world of the written word in general, which is a key prerequisite for successful schooling.

But how do you promote reading at home for families who do not read, have not developed an interest in reading, and sometimes have no books at home?

The "Reading Gourmands" workshop aims to achieve this goal by combining the pleasures of reading with the pleasures of sweets, and is designed for children aged 0 to 5 years and their parents. What a pleasure for a child to be able to bite into a figure that he or she likes! What better way to stimulate their interest in reading than to read them a nice story and then offer them the chance to shape their favourite character, which they can keep or eat?

This workshop is intended to be practical, fun and easy, so that parents will want to repeat it at home.

Number of participants Maximum number of participants : 10 parents

Duration of the workshop : about 2h30

Course of the session :

Important: at departure, the children are taken care of by a teacher in another room (for 1h30)

- Welcome of parents and presentation of the project

- Making the basic fondant recipe with the facilitator (30 min)

- Making and colouring the different pieces needed to model the figure (30 min)

- Modelling of the figure of their choice, according to the dexterity of the group (45 min)

- Return of the children and reading of a story (20 min)

- the parents present the children with the surprise they have made

At the end of the session, parents and children will receive :

The figurine they made to taste

The colourful illustrated recipe they followed during the workshop

A book as a gift (the one told by the host)