Jacques Goldstyn


It was with great generosity that Jacques Goldstyn became the illustrator of JAME in 2005 and created the dynamic Kangaroo, Linoutou, the mascot of JAME. Jacques Goldstyn was born in Verdun in 1958. From early school age, he loved to draw and during his studies in pure sciences and geology, he never let go of his pencils. Illustration and comics have always had a special place in his life. Science, curiosity and humour have accompanied him in his career as an illustrator and cartoonist. In 1982, Jacques collaborated in the creation of the famous magazine Les Débrouillards. His experimental drawings, scientific illustrations and Beppo, his friendly frog in overalls, can still be found in numerous albums, books and comic strips of Les Débrouillards. However, Jacques Goldstyn also draws for other publications. He illustrates, among other things, children's novels, popularisation and science promotion publications, not to mention his own comic strips, such as Van the Inventor.

Her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jacquesgoldstyn