Educational tools

Diversity and plurilingualism" educational tools

Early Literacy Kits (ELK)

Our ÉLÉ kits are turnkey, designed to be used by early childhood professionals in individual or group settings. Each kit contains five books and a wealth of educational material, including several activities to be carried out with the children.

The "Children of the World" kit is designed to address the notion of difference, cultural and linguistic diversity with 3-5 year olds.

Story bags for allophone parents 

Unlike the ELE kits, which are designed for professionals, the story bags are designed for use by parents to encourage reading at home in a family setting. They include two durable books, an illustrated teaching sheet and materials for a simple activity to do at home. In order to reach families who speak a language other than French at home, these bags are designed from books without text, or multilingual, or with illustrations that are sufficiently eloquent for the parent to be able to tell the story in the language of their choice to their child.

Intercultural bibliography

This bibliography contains over sixty titles of children's literature from here and elsewhere. It is divided into 5 sections that enable education professionals to discuss the following themes with children aged 0-9: difference, cultural diversity, linguistic diversity, books without text (which have the advantage of being read in all languages) and books that allow children to play with language, thus promoting the acquisition of metalinguistic awareness.

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