JAME stimulates learning one kit at a time!

This summer we delivered several stimulation kits to many families in Ville Lasalle. The kits were designed to stimulate learning in children aged 0-5 years. A stimulation kit is a box containing various stimulation objects (balls, books, toys, puzzles, etc.) used to stimulate several aspects of a child's development: play, the pleasure of reading, language, learning about emotions, healthy lifestyle habits, routine, healthy eating and physical exercise.

Stimulating the little ones is important to us!

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JAME LIRE" reading tent

This summer, JAME is going to the parks with its books and its reading tent! A literary camping experience for a morning!

In partnership with the Verdun family round table, JAME 's educational coordinators go to a park in the Verdun borough and invite the population to consult books on site. For the pleasure of everyone, the coordinators read to all the children present!

Summer is for playing and reading 🙂

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A digital component

Like many businesses and community organizations, JAME has put in place ways to maintain its many services! Thus, a digital component was created! In fact, several volunteers have taken up the challenge of following a Zoom training course given by our project manager, Stéphanie. If you want to know more about how this platform works, click here. Zoom

In addition, thanks to the generosity of Centreaide, who donated a dozen digital tablets to JAME, we are able to lend them to families! This way, the children can be connected and continue to receive reading support with their volunteer!

Also, like you, the JAME team has been learning new things in order to maintain our weekly meetings. Like you, we have taken the time to understand how zoom works and have been able to continue to work from home. Once again, the unprecedented commitment of our team, community, volunteers and families demonstrates that the bond between us is stronger than a global pandemic! There is no stopping us!

Finally, if you want to learn more about digital distance support, the Quebec government has a digital education action plan. To learn more, visit their page.




We deliver to our children!

As with all community organizations, during a pandemic, we have had to overcome challenges of all kinds! So, despite the current context of containment, JAME is adamant that all its services continue for all its little readers! As a result, the brilliant idea of delivering home delivery kits to the children in our flagship programme was born! The pedagogical coordinators of each borough arranged bags and went to the home of each child who wanted to receive a bag to bring them several books, pedagogical activities and games. In addition, we were able to distribute a dozen laptops to families who expressed the need for one! What a joy for the children to see their coordinator arrive with arms full of surprises!

Finally, the "on livre" service will be maintained during the summer and the coordinators are committed to exchanging the bags for new ones in order to offer a wide variety of children's literature. As we say in JAME, "get back on the dime". We can do it!

Tell me a story project

This summer, the children in our flagship programme are participating in the "Tell me a story" project! As a result, each week they are invited to go to their local park, close to home. There, our pedagogical coordinators and our superb volunteers read two books from the four thematic bags: "I discover books", "I take care of myself", "I take care of my planet", and "Living together". Afterwards, the children are invited to fill in the thematic booklet "My booklet" in which they can give their opinion on all sorts of questions related to the theme of the day! Clearly, our little readers are creative, intelligent and very curious.

For us, the pièce de résistance of this project remains the pen-pal aspect! That is to say, each child is paired with another and through their little booklet, they communicate with each other! So, at a party at the end of the project, they can get to know each other! Not surprisingly, the children are looking forward to meeting their secret pen pals!