JAME: 30 years of stories

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our organization! What a great achievement! To date, thousands of children and their families have benefited from reading support that has helped them learn! To mark this happy occasion,JAME is organizing two major events as part of its 30th anniversary:

  • The creation and exhibition of 30 portraits of twinning beyond reading that have taken place between volunteers and children over the past 30 years. They will be unveiled in the summer of 2022.
  • a series of monthly meetings (conferences, webinars, round tables, etc.) addressing the issues of diversity and inclusion through education and children's literature today. After a first open house in December 2021 to discover our pedagogical tools, several other meetings followed: "The book, beyond borders: a treasure that brings us together", "the francization of children and adults: issues and perspectives", and "Working in a multi-ethnic school environment: views from inside and outside the classroom.

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